Eliza Creek Arabians
Marlin and Dian Bales
PO Box 3891
Bartlesville, OK  74006
More about us:

The name Eliza Creek Arabians is new on the scene, but my husband and my involvement
with Arabians has been around over 7 years.  I have been involved with Arabians over 15
years and have been involved with horses over 40 years.  We are a small breeding farm
with an emphasis on amateur horses.

We strive to breed and raise amateur friendly horses, those that someone can take home
and train with success.  Beauty and conformation are at the top, temperament and ability
are just as important.  Versatility is a must.  It is a combination with no one component
being more important than the other.

We are amateurs ourselves and understand a "shoe string budget", and lack of time and
therefore work to keep our horses affordable.  This is why temperament, ability and
versatility are as important as beauty and conformation.

Everyday offers us a learning opportunity and we are always open to new ideas and
discussions whether it be about horses or life in general.  This web site is a perfect
example of learning something new.  Please have patience with this site as I am not a
computer whiz and this is my first time.

Visit often as it is updated and improved.  It will be continually under construction with the
stallion pages and for sale pages coming very soon!  (Learning photography too!)

Please contact us with any suggestions, questions or just to talk....